Are you a community member wanting to implement change in your local government regarding environmental and/or economic sustainability?


Did you know that, due to the amount of energy it uses to make gross domestic product (GDP) the U.S. is at a 500 billion competitive disadvantage? Did you know that every aspect of environmental sustainability relates to energy; and, therefore, recycling/composting, land management, eco-transport, etc. improvements can all be included in CEP goals?


Energy use accounts for roughly 70% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide; thus, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that rigorous energy goals are necessary to limit the effects of global climate change caused by these greenhouse gas emissions to 1.5 degrees Celsius (dangerous threshold temp.) In addition, energy accounts for 1/3 of the federal budget, so in order to build economic stability, proper stewardship of energy is necessary. 

Community Energy Plan 

Development/ Improvement Framework

Why a Community Energy Plan (CEP)? 

A Community Energy Plan is a designed roadmap for a community to set and achieve energy goals over a period of time, with the ultimate goal being to get to net zero carbon emissions. A CEP is integral in holding community members and stakeholders accountable to goals. The process of developing a CEP is simple, and by following this comprehensive framework (linked below) individuals can develop a proposal for their community government to either formulate a CEP or improve their community’s current CEP. This is done through a 4 tiered process: first, to gather/utilize base case data (i.e. energy supply, demand, use and budget data); second, to set specific goals relating to different aspects of energy (i.e. residential, commercial, and  industrial energy,  recycling and composting, land management, and eco-transport); third, working to increase energy literacy; and fourth, measuring progress on goals.  

“Our community is a caring and thoughtful group of people with a deep interest in the natural, economic and human environments… it is the desire of the City Governance to embrace and support sustainable practices in all aspects of city operations and community actions.” – Holland, MI Community Energy Plan 

  • Written transcript of CEP Development/ Improvement Proposal
  • State and Federal Tax Incentives for Energy Goals
  • Draft Resolution to Instate a Sustainability/ Energy Taskforce/ Committee
  • Draft Resolution to Instate a Community Energy Utility
  • Link to Slide Deck for CEP Proposal 
  • Written Summary of CEP Proposal for Presentees 

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