Upcoming Schedule


June 2020


Environmental Justice and Racial Equity 8-Part Course: SESSION ONE:

Join our West MI Social/ Environmental Justice Network’s 8-part course on racial equity and environmental justice!

Some details about how the course will work: This course will be moderated by our organizational coordinator, myself. We will be posting the videos and content of the course, then hosting a discussion group at the end of each week, so that if you’d like to participate by viewing that week’s content, you can then attend the meeting to discuss. Please note that these meetings will likely be zoom meetings, so that those without internet access are able to also call in. There will also be accessibility features if you are in need of them, including subtitles.

PART ONE: We will be doing a simulation called the ‘Environmental Justice Through A Racial Equity Lens’ simulation. The stories woven throughout this situation and how it leads us into deeper understandings of the socio-economic, health and environmental disparities affecting communities of color are profound. You will have the opportunity to be a ‘player’ in the simulation and experience this for yourself, and then share your thoughts during the discussion afterwards.

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