Reverse Plastics Crisis

Reversing the Plastics Crisis- Corporate Accountability


What is Big Plastic?

Made up of corporate super-giants (i.e. Nestle, Coca-Cola) Big Plastic is the plastic-manufacturing industry that has succeeded in disguising the many harms of plastic to public health, the environment, and even the economy. It is the power behind the social manipulation to blame the victims instead of taking responsibility for being the source of plastic pollution. 

What is the Plastics Crisis? 

The Plastics Crisis is the dangerous accumulation of plastic in our global environment, threatening the health and well-being of humans, creatures, and the climate. Humans use one million plastic bottles per minute, and 500 million plastic bags per year. Less than 10% of plastic that is produced is actually recycled– instead, much of it ends up in the oceans, and, due to erosion, breaks down into micro-plastics which can then enter our bodies. Every week, each person ingests a credit card’s worth of plastic. Though many of the negative effects on human health of plastic have been studied- such as the neurotoxic effects of BPA, a component of many plastics, how most plastics leach chemicals that mimic hormones, interfering with real hormones the full scope of plastic’s effects on the human body is not yet known. Over 100 million marine animals die every year due to plastic debris. And plastic has significant climate impacts- as it decomposes, a process which takes hundreds of years, it releases greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to global climate change.

How is Big Plastic Fueling the Plastics Crisis?

As the biggest contributors to plastic pollution, Big Plastic corporations are fueling the Plastics CrisisCoca-Cola alone produced 118 billion plastic bottles in 2018. It claimed to have a 52% recycling rate- meaning 56 billion of its bottles became waste- 7 for every person on the planet. And plastic from Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, NestlĂ© could cover 83 football fields every day. Big Plastic is backed up by Big Oil because cheap American fracking is fueling a global surge in plastics. Europe has built new plastics plants fed by fracked U.S. exports, which environmentalists protest, warning that these facilities will lock in demand for fossil-fuel consumption for a generation. Yet Big Plastic has so much money that it can fund the very organizations which supposedly oppose it (i.e. Keep America Beautiful) and, through these organizations, actually works to ban bans on plastic.

What are preemptive laws on bans? 

Preemptive laws on bans are state laws which prohibit local ordinances regulating bags and any other containers, preventing any bans, taxes, fees or charges on them. The Plastics Industry Association, or PLASTICS, a top trade group supporting Big Plastic, has worked to establish preemptive ‘bans on bans’ on plastic.

As of now, 10 states have preemptive laws banning bans on plastic: Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Missouri.




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