SW Michigan Mutual Aid Network 

We are a network of people working to help our Allegan and Ottawa County communities, particularly those most disproportionately affected by COVID-19, to build resilience and recover. 

We are doing group work regarding:

Emotional/ Group support

Legislative initiatives (i.e. helping our undocumented community receive financial assistance/ housing support/ vital resources) 

Product Drives (i.e. Technology/ Food/ Hygiene Products/ Games & Toys)

Masks/ Sanitizer/ PPE Making Efforts 


CONTACT: westmimutualaid@gmail.com


CONTACTA: westmimutualaid@gmail.com






Project Fun 

We are collecting games and toys for children during this time of quarantine. We hope to bring smiles to their faces and hope to their spirits as this time of social distancing continues. Donations can be purchased at Meijer, Target, Costco, Walmart, Dollar Tree, or another location. Click below to get the list of games/toys and mailing information.


Project MASK

We are assembling kits containing hand sanitizer from New Holland Brewing (or elsewhere) and simple materials for individuals and families to make their own masks. Click below for information about donating sanitizer and mask making materials!


Migrant Youth Group

Student-led youth group to support immigrants, migrants, and their other student allies), where we listen and learn about the unique needs, assets, and lived experiences of immigrant & migrant families, spread positive messaging, advocate for change as needed to appropriate audiences, and support these kids through connections to systems in place in our schools and communities.




8-Part Racial Equity and Environmental Justice Course

It is far past time to address the racial disparities in every aspect of society, including healthcare and education, and in our climate and environment. If you need to learn more about this issue and how you can engage in advocacy, please join this course. The content will be posted weekly. Most often, it will be in the form of pre-recorded videos, with zoom meeting discussions available later that week for those who view the content. Course schedule: Part One: Introductory simulation (script complete); Part Two: Public Health; Part Three: Social and Environmental Policy (inequities within climate policy, etc.); Part Four: Generational Trauma; Part Five: MI Coronavirus Taskforce on Racial Disparities; Part Six: Creating Cultural Competent Spaces for Conversation; Part Seven: Political Action on Environmental Racism; Part Eight: Racial Equity and Environmental Justice Toolkit 





Join Email List

Want to find out about further opportunities? Join the West MI Mutual Aid Network Email List to find out about upcoming projects!



Stimulus For All

The undocumented community has been disadvantaged throughout this time of COVID-19, and struggling for financial support, housing and vital resources during this difficult time. If you are undocumented or would like to support by donating, please click the link below to access a platform of resources so that you may access benefits from a fund in your area, along with important general, state and industry-specific resources regarding healthcare and other kinds of support.



Emotional & Mental Health Support

If you are struggling with mental or emotional health during this time, you are not alone, and there are valuable and readily accessible resources available to help you. If you are a mental health provider giving integral support to others during this time, resources are available for you. Click below to access a list of resources compiled by the Mental Health America organization, which include general and also specific support tailored to first responders, mental health providers, parents, caregivers, older adults, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, and domestic violence survivors. 



Mutual Aid & Community-Specific Support 

Find Mutual Aid Networks and other community self-support projects near you by using this resource to input your location and intention (options include general, request support, offer support, and community). Then, you may reach out to these groups directly via this resource, submit needs requests, or offer assistance. 


Allegan/ Ottawa Community Support Resources

This isa Google folderfull of parent & community resources that our local teachers working with multilingual families share with students and parents/guardians.


Together Rising

Together Rising believes in transforming heartache into action. Together Rising is connecting the generosity of the givers who want to affect specific heartbreaking issues they see as they look around their world and their community to the people and organizations who are effectively addressing that critical need. Get involved to learn how you can affect the change you wish to see!


Ottawa/ Allegan Points of Contact

  • 2-1-1: Community Directory for nonprofits and other organizations working in all areas
    •  2-1-1 of Ottawa County: 1-800-249-0911
    • 2-1-1 of Allegan County: 1-800-310-5454
  •  Allegan Non-Emergency: 269-673-3899
  • Housing Resource Center of Allegan County: 269-686-4703

Gigi Babel

Fundraising Director & Coordinator, Product Drives Team

Gigi (she/her/hers) serves as the fundraising director for the SW MI Mutual Aid Network, coordinating fundraising endeavors. In addition, she coordinators efforts for product drives (i.e. food/hygiene product/games & toys drives). 

Zahabia Ahmed-Usmani 

Outreach Coordinator

Zahabia (she/her/hers) serves as outreach coordinator for the SW MI Mutual Aid Network, coordinating networking efforts for support and designing media outreach efforts. 


Organizational Coordinator

Hannah (they/them/theirs) serves as the organizational coordinator for the SW MI Mutual Aid Network.  They organize and work on initiatives, arrange scheduling, connect with volunteers and respond to people with specific needs.